Friday, 20 January 2012

START “Win Win 20 Biz” WITH A BANG IN 2012 !

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START "Win Win 20 Biz" WITH A BANG IN 2012 !

Started on 19th January 2012, 6:00 pm – New York, USA.

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Check it out for yourself at   


"Win Win 20 Biz" Is A Brand New Revolutionary Matrix Plan GIVING EVERYONE A BRIGHT FUTURE IN 2012.

"Win Win 20 Biz" Is Very Affordable To All People.

"Win Win 20 Biz" Designed To Progressively Help You To Be Successful No Matter Your Skill Level Or Experience In The Network Marketing Industry. 

  • Company Pays Out 100% !
  • Multiple Pay Centers !
  • Follow Sponsor Plan (FSP) !
  • Global Network Builder (GNB) !
  • No Splitting Matrices (True Global Team Build) !
  • Self-Perpetuating Matrix !
  • With Every Cycle, Your Pay Centers Double (Insane!) !
  • Plus Your Are Automatically Entered Into The Next Level !
  • Cost To Join Is $3 Only Per Month Including $2 Sponsor Bonus !
  • Monthly $3 Membership Fee Is Setup Automatically With Payment Processor Alert Pay Or Solid Trust Pay !
  • Option To Upgrade By Purchasing A $5 Position In Company 2X2 Cycling Matrix !
  • Purchasing Multiple Positions Available !
  • You Can Withdraw Your Earning When You Have A Minimum Of $5 !


Check it out for yourself at  



Email :

Mobile : +60166167967


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